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jPBI let you embed a Power BI tile or report with a single line of Javascript ! Enjoy !

Why use jPBI Framework and not the classic embed feature ?

Embed Tiles
With jPBI, you can embed tiles on your webpages and apps

Use Direct Query
We love Direct Query, and, for now, you can't embed reports with Direct Query, nor tiles without a lot of dev, or using jPBI Framework

Improve security
To force your users to log in with their Azure AD accounts to see reports and tiles

100% JS - Easy to use
One line of JS code to embed a report... And the framework is really light. Enjoy !

Free and open source framework
Use and edit it as you want ! If you want to contribute, please contact us !

How to use it ?

1. Create an Azure AD Application and set it

2. Load the JS framework from your HTML page.
<script type="text/javascript" src="path to the file/jpbi-0.1.0b.min.js" />

3. Build an HTML page to embed your report
<iframe ID="iFrameID" src="" frameborder="0" height="800" width="1300" seamless></iframe>

4. Load your reports and tiles through iFrames with three lines of Javascript !

For a report :
updateEmbedReport("iFrameID", "Embed Url of the Report*", "The client ID of your Azure AD Application");

For a tile :
updateEmbedTile("iFrameID", "Embed Url of the Tile*", height of the tile (int), width of the tile (int), "The client ID of your Azure AD Application")

*Use Apiary tool to get the embed Url of tiles and reports. Please see : for any further information about that

I am looking for other people whose want to help to develop this framework

Please do not hesitate to contact me !

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